Introducing Our New Rewards Program! | Pure Joy Toys

Introducing Our New Rewards Program!

We're super excited to announce our new rewards program and we think you're going to be just as excited when you hear what it has to offer! You might notice this little floating "rewards" button when you're surfing the site:

Giving that bad boy a click will unlock a treasure trove of rewards for you! To get started you'll need to make an account on our website (no worries it's free and takes a few minutes tops)! From there there are multiple ways to earn points:

1. Every $1 you spend on the site gets you 1 point! There's no exceptions to that rule, buy anything and get a point!

2. We care about you at Pure Joy so on your birthday we'll give you free points! Just don't tell your family we one upped their gifts, we don't want anyone feeling insecure! Just click "earn points" then click on "reward on birthday" and enter your birthday so we know when to send you your gift!

3. Refer a friend! Pure Joy might be your best kept secret but secrets don't make friends and they definitely don't get you points! Click "earn points" and then "refer a friend" to get your own custom link that you can send to everyone you love (or hate if you want)! If they make a purchase you'll get $5 off and they'll get 10% off!

4. Share on Facebook! This is as easy as it gets, just click "earn points" and then "Facebook share" and share the link to our website on Facebook and you'll get 25 points no strings attached!

5. Follow us on Instagram! We're literally giving you points to look at cool stuff! Just click "earn points" and then "follow on Instagram" and then click "follow" and you'll be all set!

6. Login with your social media account! We're throwing you some real softballs to get some awesome rewards! Just click "earn points" and then "social login" and login with any of your social media accounts for some quick and easy points!

So I've told you how to get points and you're probably saying "what can I do with them. why should I try and get points?" Now we're getting to the good part:

1. 100 points earns you either $10 off any Funko Pop purchase of $20 or more or 10% off anything else on the website, no strings attached!

2. We have a new Vip Tier system that works with your points:

A. No Joy - This is where everyone starts! They haven't had any joy yet but no worries as you control your own fate here! Earn 250 points to enter the next tier, Some Joy!

B. Some Joy - You've earned yourself 250 points in a month, great job! As a sweet reward you'll get 5% OFF EVERY PURCHASE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE MONTH! If that isn't enough joy for you though we've got you covered as you can earn 500 points in a month to enter the next tier, Mostly Joy!

C. Mostly Joy - 500 points?! You're awesome and you're buying awesome stuff! Now thanks to your new tier statues you'll be buying awesome stuff with an awesome discount of 10% OFF EVERY PURCHASE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE MONTH! If 10% just isn't enough for you and you say "I don't want to be filled with mostly joy, I want the sweet feeling of pure joy" then boy do we have the tier for you! Earn 1000 points in a month and you'll enter the final tier, Pure Joy!

D. Pure Joy - 1000 Points! You've reached the top of the top, the penthouse suite of our VIP program! Honestly I'm impressed, jealous, and a whole lot of other feelings because thanks to your commitment to buying yourself the best of the best your discount is now the best of the best with a whopping 15% OFF EVERY PURCHASE FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE MONTH! 

If you have any questions on the new loyalty/reward program please let us know! Also for those who purchase items in store we're looking into syncing our loyalty program with this new rewards program so just hold tight! Can't wait to share the other plans we have with you guys!